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I was having trouble falling asleep one evening recently, I couldn’t fall asleep for anything, I tried and tried for several hours. 1am rolled by, 2am rolled by and finally around 3am I kicked the covers off and said ok lets go into the living room and watch TV. 2 hours later I left the living room in awe… I had just watched the most inspiring and beautiful documentaries on HBO, Marina Abramović: The Artist Is Present. Marina is a performance artist who not only performs but becomes the piece of art herself. Her stripped down tireless raw day after day performances of self, inspires me to my bone and makes me proud to be an artist. Her ability to take in peoples joy, love and sadness for hours truly is beyond comprehension. Her ability to challenge herself as artist has brought forth the challenge to make myself a better one. I hope everyone out there has an opportunity to see this compelling documentary and take with them a little bit of the inspiration I was so lucky to receive. -KM

Lady Gaga on Marina